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 Graphic Two-Sided Parcheesi Gameboard

 Fabulous 19th century, 6-color, square nailed Gameboard. It is new to the market, fresh from an Iowa collection. The surface is PAINT and wonderful; boards are hand planed. It is large and graphic with a wonderful pigment-dry surface. Just the way we like to see old paint. They don't get much better than this!  This is a big Gameboard . . . 24.5 x 30.25 inches and is published in the Gameboard Book, The Art of the Game - A Collection of Vintage Gameboards from the Collection of Selby Shaver by Thomas Chambers, (Plate 72). Published in 2001

At the "HOME"center on the Parcheesi side are the names Napoleon and Donalda and these same names are found in the keeper area on the Checkers side. These two must have really loved to play these "GAMES"! 

 The board is in fine condition with the colors of Green, Yellow, Blue,  and Black  on a Bittersweet ground.  It is truly eye candy for the Folk Art Collector and important in its own right, having been published in the authorative book on the subject.


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