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Bradley & Hubbard Brass Double Student Lamp

A superior double student lamp by "Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co." (Soldered brass label, B & H, attached to back of font.) The individual design details and overall quality of this piece speaks of quality first, cost second . . . definitely made for the discriminating buyer. Lamps of this quality & style are uncommon because production of this caliber device was limited by the demand, which in itself was limited to those who looked for beauty as well as function.

The original wick raisers have been retained and adapted to the electric system as switches. They function such that "on" or "off" can be effected by turning either clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Condition is as good as it gets. The shades are contemporary (3rd quarter 1900 s circa). The white is a fine contrast to the brass forms as well as giving excellent light for a reading lamp . . . cheery brightness without glare. A special lamp for one who looks for special items
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