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Double Student Lamp with Yellow Shades

Very fine double Student Lamp with yellow shades. Unfortunately, I cannot identify the manufacturer of this lamp from any of my research sources. Miller and Solverson s book "Student Lamp s of the Victorian Era" has the most comprehensive pictorial coverage extant (to my knowledge). (If you are an appreciator of exemplary student lamps, and don t know this book, I highly recommend it to your attention. It is not only broadly informative, but the lamps pictured are "breathtaking" in their color presentation.)

Comparing the detail and design of the fuel font, finials, lifting handle, the cross bar from font to wick assembly, and the elements above and below the sphere at the locking screw with similar functional items in said book, I find no identical matches for any of these items. I make no case for rarity or uniqueness; it is only that these elements are not identical to any in this book or any other to which have had access. Given the overall complexity and detail of these spun and cast pieces and their finished quality it is apparent that it took much manufacturing time and effort to produce them. Be this correct, it follows that others are extant and probably have a company name on or near the wick raising assembly, as was often the case on other lamps. This lamp has none of these markings since it now has pull chain sockets, which have replaced some of the original pieces, having been professionally electrified.

Overall, I feel, this is a "top of the line" quality piece that has had no stinting on production costs. . . enough said! The shades are relatively old being a four part mold casting with an applied yellow finish to an opaque white shade . . . no rolled or polished edges. (Mold lines are nearly invisible). The yellow is a very complimentary addition to the glowing shining brass. When lit, one can almost feel heat from the visible glow. Wow! (Can you tell I really have a relationship with this beauty?)
Price $2850.00

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