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E. Miller Brass Student Lamp with "Duplex" Burner

This finely designed and constructed brass student lamp was made by the E. Miller Lamp Company, and features the "tour de force" "Duplex" double wick assembly with thumb actuated flame extinguishing assembly. With a touch of a thumb, gates on each side of each wick close over the flames, shutting off the airflow to the flames and thereby extinguishing them in one simple operation. This was to oil lamps what the automatic transmission was to the driving ease of an auto!

This accomplished three things at once: no removal of the chimney to blow out the flame; no winding down of the wick to kill the flame; no raising of the wick to re-light the lamp. The wick s remaining at the same level as when last used assured that, after it was again lit and operating temperature was reached, the lamp would not smoke from a too rich fuel mixture. In so doing, the soot blackening of the inside of the chimney was totally eliminated. If you ve been there, you know what a blessing that can be. These soot deposits will eventually block out the light from the lamp if not removed.

All of the brass is in superior condition, excepting a inch dent on a raised edge of the spun brass cover to the weighted cast iron base.
It is worthy to note that the Miller Co. was a high quality producer of many quality lighting devices. They did not stint on quality. This is exemplified in the beautifully designed and executed individual lamp parts . . . quality throughout. The shade is cased green over white, hand blown, with a rolled top and bottom edge.
This lamp is definitely an eye-catcher, having undoubtedly accumulated many "oohs and ahs" over its lengthy lifetime. If you have a great spot for a great student lamp this one will make an impressive addition to your home's ambience.
Price $950.00

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