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Pressed Rosette Sandwich Glass Curtain Pins
In the winter, New Englanders were forced to hang heavy drapes to keep out the cold that penentrated poorly constructed windows.  Curtain pins (tiebacks) held back the drapes during the day when light became more important than temperature.  These curtain pins are fiery opalescent and are absolutely gorgeous examples, dating c. 1840-70.  They are pictured  in plate 5139 in Barlow and Kaiser's Guide to Sandwich Glass.
These were very difficult to photograph as the camera picked up all the nuances of color in the "fiery opalescence" of the glass.  In reality they have a slightly bluish tinge . . . think here of an Opal and you'll get the idea.  Considering their early date of manufacture, they are in remarkable condition and very useful in today's environment.  They can be used singly or in pairs.  We have four available and guarantee them to be of the period.  They are of a nice small size, 2-1/4" in diameter.
$245.00 pr.
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