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Early Iron Tin Sconce - Excellent Patina and Form , c. 17890 - 1810



 RARE American Tin 6 Candle Chandelier

Pair of Elegant 5-light Tin Candle Sconces 

Pair of Tin Wall Sconces

Large Tin Sconce with Oval Reflector with Crimped Edge

RARE 4 Wick Hand Wrought Iron Fat Lamp on Stand.

Oval Tin Sconce


Tin Crusie on a Tin Tidy Top


18th Century Wrought Iron Lighting Stand with Candle Socket and Rush Nip Holder


Three Pieces of Early Hand Wrought Lighting



Simply the best 4-spout Grease Lamp, c. 1680-1780.  A fabulous example of the art of the Blacksmith with wonderful detail.

Spiral (Helix) Candlestick, c.1740-1820



Tin Finger lamp with Rare Blue Japanned Finish


Selections from our Collection of Tin Candle Molds

19th Century "Frog" Lamp . . . Miner's Lamp

Hand Wrought Iron Trivet
c. 1650-1700

19th C. Robust Tin Adjustable Candlestick with an Oval Pan Base and Carrier Handle.

RARE and Impressive Tall Spiral Candlestick,
c. 1740-1820


Smith & Stonesifer Type Patent Cylinder Lard Oil Lamp, c.1854 Patent - Complete with Key!

Wrought Iron Crusie of Heroic Proportions


Rare Heart Trivet with Arrow


Sticking Tommy

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